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Northern Conveyancing

Our Services

We use PEXA (the latest in Conveyancing systems) which allows us to settle your property in the most efficient way possible. PEXA is now saving everyone time and money. Don't get caught out paying non-electronic settlement fees because your conveyance or solicitor won't operate in PEXA

Sale or Purchase


If you are buying or selling a property, then sale or purchase conveyancing is crucial. Find out more by contacting us.


Transfer Between Related Parties (Mortgage)

When transferring a property to a related party (family member or deceased) a Conveyancer is needed, give us a call.




If you aren't sure about a contract of sale or can't be bothered reading it, then send it over and we'll have a look.


Lodge a


If you need to lodge a caveat and protect your interests in a property then look no further. Call now to find out more.


Lost or Destroyed Title Application

If you lost your title for any reason then please contact us so that we can get back your title and save you the pain of doing it yourself.


Discharge of

Mortgage Lodging

If for any reason you would like to release your mortgage from a property, give us a call to find out how we can help.


Purchasing A Property

If you are purchasing a property and would like to use our services please click the link below to download the client signup form. Once you have completed the form with all your details please send a copy to us at [email protected]

Purchaser Sign Up Form

Selling A Property

If you are selling a property and would like to use our services please click the link below to download the client signup form. Once you have completed the form with all your details please send a copy to us at [email protected]

Vendor Sign Up Form

Buying A Property

Buying property will be one of the most important purchases you will make in your life. We will take the following steps when you purchase a property:

  • We will complete a thorough contract review for you with feedback on suggested clauses to have included in the contract prior to signing. For a no-obligation contract review please contact us at Northern Conveyancing Services.
  • Negotiate the terms of your contract.
  • Most often you will have to pay a small deposit and sign the contract as a part of making your “offer” to the vendor. 
  • Once your offer has been accepted by the vendor, the vendor will sign and depending on the terms in your contract you will be required to pay the remaining of your deposit.
  • Once we have received your contract of sale we will scan and forward a soft copy to your mortgage broker or banker to assist with your finance application. 
  • We will now prepare all the necessary legal documentation required to compete the transfer. We will post or email these to you depending on when settlement falls and whether you have access to a printer.
  • Once finance has been obtained we will contact your lender and advise them of settlement time and location, in this process the bank will send your loan contracts out to you. 
  • The next step will be to ensure that council, water, and other rates associated with the property are proportioned between yourself and the vendor accurately. 
  • Once the vendor has approved the statement of adjustment they will provide our office with the cheque directions according to what is owed to them, the amount owed to them will generally be divided up in to five or so different cheques but the total amount will always add up to what the overall amount is owed to the vendor.
  • It is at this point now that your bank has notified us that they are ready to settle and so is the vendor, that we can notify you of any shortfall funds that maybe required. 
  • Now that settlement is ready to occur all parties attend to the agreed time and destination and exchange all the necessary documents, you will then be notified that the settlement is complete

What our customers are saying

The team are very prompt with their responses and pay very close attention to detail. They were always available to answer my queries. Would definitely use their services again in the future.

Jayden B.

Selling A Property

You have made the decision to sell your property and your estate agents has requested a Section 32, luckily even though you may not be confident as to what this is WE ARE! Your Section 32 also known as a Vendor's Statement is a legally binding statement outlying everything attached or associated with the land you want to sell. This will list things like registered proprietor, registered mortgage, any encumbrances or covenants. It will also list any outgoings associated with the property.

The following steps are taken when you have decided to sell your property:

  • After you have instructed our office and fill out our vendor registration form. You will be required to contact an estate agent to sell your property. When picking an estate agent you need to take into consideration many things such as;
    1. Is the agent familiar with the area of your property?
    2. Is his/her demeanour friendly and approachable? You don’t want anybody to overpower you.
    3. Is the commission structure comparable to other agents? You may want a few quotes.
    4. What is the agent’s sale history like?
  • The next step occurs once the property sells, we will organise for you to sign a Discharge Authority with your mortgagee so they can initiate the process of having your title ready for settlement. 
  • We can prepare a section 27 statement if required this is a legal document required if you would like your deposit released prior to settlement (usually to secure another property), please keep in mind though that a purchaser is not obliged to sign this and they may decline in some circumstances. 
  • As we approach settlement the purchaser will prepare the Transfer of Land and forward this to our office which we will then ensure this is prepared accurately and forward to you for signing.
  • Usually, within the two weeks of settlement, the purchaser will prepare a statement of adjustment this is the time to proportion the council, water rates and any other outgoings between yourself and the purchaser as of the settlement day. We will complete all inquiries to ensure that this has been prepared accurately. 
  • Settlement day has arrived this is when we meet with all the associated parties to exchange legal documents and funds, once settlement has been completed we will notify the estate agent to release keys.
  • We will provide you with a full breakdown of funds after settlement, for your records. We will also notify all relevant authorities of the change in ownership.

What our customers are saying

Highly recommend Northern Conveyancing for their professional & prompt service. They explained the settlement process simply and thoroughly, and were across all aspects of my settlement. They were attentive and were friendly and quick to answer all my many questions.

Eleanor J.

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