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Northern Conveyancing

Client How-To's

Assisting You With Legal Documents

(If You Are Still Having Trouble Filling Out Any Documents Please Call Our Office)

Virtual Verification Of Identity (VOI)

Step 1: Click the link that you have received from our team via text message (We will let you know when we send the link)

Step 2: You are prompted to capture your Identification documents via your device's camera. You will need to provide 2 forms of identification (most commonly a passport and a driver's license).

Step 3: You will also b prompted to capture an image of your face to match with the forms of ID you have provided. 

Duties Online Form (State Revenue Office)

Step 1: We will instruct the State Revenue Office to Send you the Duties Online form to your emails. When you receive your Duties Online form you will be prompted to click on the link to take you to the form.

Step 2: Once you have opened the form you will be instructed to enter your birthdate to confirm that it is you, the Duties form will open up and you will have to review the form to make sure the information that your conveyance has entered is correct (if there is any incorrect information please contact Northern Conveyancing immediately).

Step 3: Sign the form by ticking the boxes and entering your current address.

Discharge Of Mortgage Authority

Step 1: Contact your bank to receive your Discharge Authority form (this will either be on your bank's website or provided to you by your broker or bank in person).

Step 2: Fill in the form to the best of your abilities with all the details. 

Step 3: Send us as well as your bank a copy via email.

ATO Clearance Certificate

Step 1: A link will be provided by our office if you are selling a property that is over the threshold of $750k.

Step 2: Follow the prompts that the link provides.

Step 3: Return the form back to our office by forwarding the ATO email to [email protected]

Interpretting Our Forms:

Appointment to Act: Allows Northern Conveyancing Services to act on your behalf relating to the Vendor’s Statements pursuant to Sections 27 and 32 of the Sale of Land Act, 1962, Contract of Sale, Transfer of Land, attendance to my Mortgagee’s requirements, all other ancillary documents and in the arrangement of and attendance at settlement on your behalf.

Client Authority: This allows Northern Conveyancing to represent the client (you), for any Conveyancing matters with your approval.

Cost Disclosure: The Cost Disclosure document rectifies all costs that the client (you) may be charged for in regard to our services; this includes any property searches, Virtual VOIs, Northern Conveyancing fees, or other costs involved with our service.

Verification of Identity: This document verifies to us whether you will be coming into our office or doing the Verification of Identity remotely.

Title Insurance: This document tells us whether or not we will be applying for title insurance for your property.

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